10 years of HRSC-Camera on Mars Express

Mission Mars-Express

It’s the ten-year anniversary of the HRSC camera. This camera was the first recording device, which mapped Mars in high resolution images. This very much benefited Mars research. Design & Data had the honour of immortalizing this anniversary with a matching website. For this, we went the extra mile and created an informative and entertaining internet page.

The HRSC-Camera was transported to the red planet ten years ago with the European mission “Mars Express”. Since then, it has purposefully done its job in mapping Mars. To do this, the camera uses a specific concept in which the orbiter scans the passing landscape.

Design & Data produced eight expert interviews eclusively for this website. The videos visualize different aspects of Mars. The Mars experts of DLR answes all questions about the exciting subjects of Mars research. These range from climate history to landing spots on Mars to the moons of the red planet.

Our video achievements go even further. For the DLR trailer, we created the motion design, which can also be found on the webite. Of course, Mars is the main focus of the site. A review of past Mars missions is shown in fancy tiles from 1960 to today. A slideshow presents different areas of the red planet with stylish and vivid images. The accompanying Mars globe helps with orientation. To round off the website, there are links leading to related subjects. Among them, there are the websites of the DLR about the mission “Mars Express” or the planet image library of NASA/ DLR.

Design & Data carried full responsibility of all areas of this web project. We drafted, designed and created the entire page and paid attention to newest web standards. The website is of course responsive and looks great on any mobile device.

Get to the DLR website.

We present the trailer for DLR-website in the video below.

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