Adventure STFC

Science & Technology Facilities Council

Auerbach once said “An idea must be able to become reality, lest it is nothing but a soap bubble”. There is a lot of truth to this sentence – especially for start-ups. Many start-ups have fantastic ideas. However, they often lack the means for their implementation. The Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of the Science & Facilities Council (STFC) supports these companies in realising their ideas. We went to the grounds of the BIC in Harwell, Oxford for a video shoot and experienced quite a lot during this visit.

The STFC is a research council which promotes innovation and research in Great Britain. Especially the STFC-led Business Incubation Centres help young enterprises to make their ideas come true. They allow them access to the most up-to-date technoligies and facilities. Besides expert advice, the companies are offered access to financial aid. This way, the STFC purposefully supports research and industry of Great Britain.

We had the chance to shoot in interesting places such as the MNT Clean Room. To enter this room, a high degree of purity needs to be ensured. The atmosphere must be absolutely free of bacteria. Granted, it is a tough undertaking to shoot in such an environment, but we mastered it.

There were however many more exciting places. We interviewed Paul Vernon, Head of New Business Opportunities, in a replica of the Mars Surface. This area closely resembles the surface of Mars. In front of this backdrop, which is very much worth seeing, Paul Vernon reported to us about the STFC, their range of duty, and which influence they have on young enterprises.

During all of our shoots we were supported by Dagmar Scheibenreif, who was our camerawoman. There was great synergy in the team, which becomes visible especially in the recorded material. For now, we’ll be in the editing room with these images, but are already looking forward to present the results in the very near future. We can already promise that the video material will take care of a great end result!

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