Updated Lunar Exploration Website

ESA's Interactive Guide to the Moon. Credit: ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released an update of their Interactive Guide to the Moon following work by Design & Data.

In May last year, ESA first released the site that allows users to explore questions about our closest neighbour, featuring interviews with scientists from all over Europe. Developed by D&D together with ESA, it presents an interactive web guide to “the why and how of lunar exploration”.

The update proves to be more mobile friendly, viewable on almost every modern smartphone and is now fully responsive. It has a faster performance and new design features which make for an improved user experience.

Among the updates the “Explore” screen now allows the user to more easily scroll and explore content, the “Moon Facts” contain new graphics, and the playlist enables users to more easily move from one video to the next.

The website has seen huge interest with high traffic. ESA would value your feedback. Please send any comments and questions to

Visit the site at:

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