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The European Space Agency (ESA) allows millions of people every year to gain an insight into their missions via video. We fly on screen with the ESA astronauts to the International Space Station ISS, accompany their enthralling experiments and are fascinated by the space shuttle and rockets. The collected film material is stored in physical archives on cassettes or hard disks and is naturally also available for use in TV productions or marketing campaigns by agencies or museums.

Since the beginning of 2010, XPERIENCIA has been working on gradually expanding the new ESA online archives: we are viewing and digitizing the physical archives with over 9,000 cassettes, and around 150,000 minutes of film material will be catalogued by us in the new online archives and made searchable using keywords. The project will span several years and is the responsibility of our managing director Sebastian D. Marcu, who has already looked after the ESA video archives for the past seven years and has thorough knowledge of the content. The digitization of the archives paves the way for Internet users to be able to access Space Agency video material both quickly and independently. Registered users can now already download digitized content in high resolution and immediately put it to use.

Until the online archives are available in their entirety, our competent colleague Iulia Iorga in Rome will be taking care of all space flight research enquiries. Her work on the online archives has awarded Iulia Iorga an extensive insight into the available videos and she is able to rapidly answer any enquiry for an appropriate five minutes out of the 150,000 minutes of film material. XPERIENCIA also offers services that cannot be provided by the ESA itself:

  • Search for the appropriate film sequences
  • Duplication of the required video material and/or encoding in digital formats
  • Clarification of all licensing issues with the ESA
  • Distribution of the material on DVD or via FTP server
  • Research on specific topics
  • Search for material that is not yet available in the online archives

It has been years since the space experience became more than purely information: it is entertainment, fascination and amazement all at the same time. And this is the reason why we no longer only encounter space flight in the regular reports and documentaries broadcast on TV, but also increasingly in presentations, advertisements and image films that have been given a more exciting design by companies using ESA video material or in marketing campaigns with ESA films included by advertising agencies – or in impressive installations aimed at attracting even more visitors to museums. Here are a few examples where XPERIENCIA has provided assistance:
For a documentary in the science series “Welt der Wunder” on the topic of space flight, the production company was looking for video material showing the food eaten by astronauts. XPERIENCIA searched for the appropriate film material on the archive tapes and encoded it in the correct format.
LerNetz AG specialises in the didactic conception and implementation of electronic learning media and blended learning concepts for companies and schools. The company was looking for video material on space flight for its learning resources portal and found suitable films in the ESA archives without any assistance. As the videos were needed in a higher resolution, however, XPERIENCIA encoded the cassette in the suitable format with the correct resolution.

Festo AG & Co.KG: Annual General Meeting
Space flight, astronauts, missions – all this stands for pioneering spirit, great visions and a forward-thinking approach. This impression is conveyed by the ESA moving images in a manner that is unlike any other film material. The underlying feeling can also be memorably achieved for companies, such as with Festo AG & Co.KG. For the Annual General Meeting in 2008 of the company, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automation technology with over 300,000 customers – XPERIENCIA organised and supervised the address given by Prof. Ernst Messerschmid. The astronaut and the 3D technology supplied by XPERIENCIA awarded the audience an unforgettable insight into the world of space flight. The image and video material naturally came from the ESA archives and was made available by XPERIENCIA in the appropriate quality and the correct format.

Exhibitions, museums, production companies
 XPERIENCIA is in demand as a service provider both in the world of art and culture and also for production companies. We take care of the entire chain of services: the search for suitable material on a certain topic in the ESA archives, duplication and/or encoding of the videos and also delivery of the data on DVD. We work with production companies across Europe – in Germany, Austria, Sweden, France and Italy.


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