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One of the most important parts of a space mission is communication. The exchange of information between astronauts and base is crucial for a mission’s success. The astronaut often doesn’t have the necessary attentiveness or knowledge to keep an eye on all important factors. The communications specialist LANCOM Systems provides the technical equipment for the field simulation “Mars2013”. Dr Gernot Grömer, head of the field mission and chairman of the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF), explains in detail what constitutes a space mission on Mars and which role communication is going to play.

The entire month of February, the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) conducted their field trial named “Mars2013” in Moroccan desert. The space suit “Aouda” was tested. This suit exchanges information via radio link between astronaut and base. These data are crucial for the survival of the astronaut. All biomedical monitoring is done via the suit.

“Communication is just as essential as oxygen”, says Dr Gernot Grömer in the interview. The network specialist LANCOM provides the right technology. The exchange of information functions via wireless LAN. In the field trial, several wireless LAN access points have been put up over a large area, enabling information exchange between astronaut and base.

Design & Data accompanied “Mars2013” for two days. The video images have now been edited into a user video for LANCOM Systems. The video offers interesting insights into the ÖWF’s field trial and the future of Mars space research.

The video below is in German.

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