New Employee Recruitment at the ECMWF

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Weather forecasts and earth observation—these are the primary objectives of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). To be able to meet these objectives, they need the support of young, motivated scientists. Design & Data accompanied ECMWF employees on their daily business and created six testimonial films to provide potential employees an insight into the exciting challenges at the ECMWF.

The scientists at the ECMWF are aware of the great impact their research has on the daily life of countless individuals, which is one of the main motivating factors to work for the ECMWF. For example, Dr. Tony McNally interprets satellite simulation which allow his team to forecast natural disasters. Without this crucial data, the path of the hurricane “Sandy” would have been assessed completely incorrectly and thousands of people may have died. His goal is to make the lives of all people safer. His coworkers at the ECMWF share his vision.

The scientists attend to their challenging duties with great enthusiasm; however, it is not always a serious matter. On the contrary, many employees bring their hobbies to work. Dr. Angela Benedetti spends her lunch breaks participating as lead singer with her ECMWF band. Naturally, singing is reserved for break time because of the immense importance of her work. She analyzes aerosol, a compound of gas and liquid or solid airborne particles. Even if the influence of aerosol on the climate is not yet completely understood, the great correlation between the two is evident. Her work direclty influences nature’s sustainablity.

Design & Data visited the ECMWF in Reading near Londnon, England and accompanied the scientists in their daily working life. We produced, shot and edited six testimonial videos about different ECMWF employees. The videos demonstrate the diversity of the working environment at the organization and were created primarily to recruit new employees. They are avalaible on their website.

Here we present the video about Dr. Angela Benedetti. For more information, check out the homepage of the weather forecast experts at the ECMWF.

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