Adding a New Dimension to Filming

Design & Data starts filming in 4K for EUMETSAT.

Design & Data are pleased to announce we have new 4K equipment, adding a whole new dimension to our work in filming. We’re proud to be starting this with our clients at EUMETSAT in support of the launch campaign for MSG-4.

With four times as many pixels as High Definition (HD), ultra HD has been in development since 2003. It has flourished over the last few years, becoming a standard for many top-end television displays.

Design & Data now has the capability to record stunning ultra HD quality footage with new 4K equipment. This offers us a huge advantage as it allows a greater range of camera shots in a just single frame: panning, zooming and cropping video footage with ease.

We’re proud to start this in support of the launch campaign for EUMETSAT’s fourth and final satellite in its MSG series – MSG-4 – that will be launched from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana in July. We will soon release a series of five short film interviews in the run up to this historic milestone.

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