Wake up Rosetta!

Wake up!

The alarm goes off every morning – sometimes even for satellites. The ESA (European Space Agency) satellite Rosetta has gone into deep-space hibernation on its way to a comet for over three years. On January the 20th 2014 at 10am GMT, its systems will wake up again – right on time to prepare for its destination and the related comet’s examination. Speaking of waking up – we produced a teaser-video for the social media campaign of ESA, which will arouse even the late riser. #WakeUpRosetta.

The satellite with the mission name “Rosetta” started its journey on March 2nd 2004. The main goal of the satellite is to examine comets at close range. This should help scientists to understand the meaning of comets in relation to the solar-system. The satellite has travelled for about ten years. In doing so, it flew-by earth three times and Mars one time. Its destination was always the comet, “Churymov-Gerasimenko”, but it has benn in hibernation for three years now. It is currently right on track to the comet and will be broght on line near the orbit of Jupiter – right before its goal. Rosetta will be the first satellite landing on a comet.

The ESA is condignly excited for the first signs of their satellite’s life. Therefore, they dedicated the awakening its own social media campaign. To initiate the ESA-campaign, Design & Data prepared the “Clocks”-Teaser in lightning speed. We did the complete production, as well as the sound design. The title “Clocks” speaks for itself in the following video-presentation. We want to thank the “Uhren und Schmuck Museum” in Frankfurt Höchst for their participation. Check out their homepage for more information.

We hope the satellite will be well-rested for its upcoming tasks because they will be important ones. So save the date: 20th January 2014, 10am GMT! For further information, check out the Twitter-hashtag #WakeUpRosetta or just follow the satellite directly: @ESA-Rosetta.

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