Company Holiday 2016

Credit: Design & Data GmbH

Another exciting year comes to an end. We are looking forward to the New Year. In the meantime our offices close from 17th December 2016 to 3rd January 2017.

2016 has been full of exciting projects and our team has grown even more. As we head into 2017 we look back at some of our highlights throughout the past year.

This year we have expanded on our livestream activities, supporting the European Space Agency (ESA) in their outreach efforts, for the launch of ExoMars, and connecting the public to events such as the Living Planet Symposium and Tim Peake live from the International Space Station. For the first time we also provided livestreaming for EUMETSAT in a successful live briefing for the Jason-3 handover. In addition, we now have the capability of streaming video for broadcasters via a satellite transmission.

Video productions continue to be an important part of our work. A video series we produced for EUMETSATwas released, showcasing their activities in Africa. We also created a series of videos that take a look behind-the-scenes of ESTEC’s material labs, solving real scientific problems with space materials. Some productions are still to be released in the coming months, so watch this space!

The Rosetta mission has remained a great success in terms of science and outreach. We worked with ESA on several more cartoons towards the end of the mission in late September. The cartoon characters have further captured the imagination of the general public, so much so that we released some end of mission t-shirts on the Rosetta Shop ( As creators of the cartoon characters we were interviewed for a feature in the German publication “Digital Production”, which focuses on the craft of animation and digital production techniques. With our ESA colleagues we also co-authored an article for the CAP Journal in a “Rosetta Special”, where we explored how the cartoon series helped the public care about Rosetta and Philae.

Earlier in the year we had the fun idea to launch one of the Rosetta plush toys to the stratosphere in a mission we dubbed “Rosetta Strato” (see video). We decided to put our “space-approved” toy up for charity in a bid to not only further raise awareness of the mission but also share it with underprivileged children. As such we decided to partner with Universe Awareness (UNAWE) in a charity campaign we launched on Indiegogo, where proceeds will support their work in ‘inspiring every child with our wonderful cosmos’ and at the same time help continue Rosetta’s legacy. The public also have the opportunity to donate a toy which will go to support science education for young children in UNAWE’s network. As the campaign draws to an end we have raised over 2000 EUR and over 25 toys have been donated. We look forward to following the impact the toys have in the coming year.

We have also increased our activities in “new space”, first by partnering with the Space Forum to promote the event within Germany. We are looking forward to the second edition next year, again in Luxembourg. We also worked together with the city of Bremen on the “Bremen Space Tour”, which offered the opportunity for CEOs, founders and aspiring entrepreneurs from the aerospace industry of Bremen to visit “new space” companies in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. In a successful 8-day tour of the USA, representatives from Bremen visited US space startups such as Made In Space, Bagaveev Corporation and SpaceX. It paved the way for possible partnerships and new business opportunities for the city. Read the summary report here.

In April we released our “new space” website called Spaceoneers, which aims to spur creativity and innovation within the space sector in Europe. The site portrays entrepreneurs and technologies impacting the global space sector. It already features a number of interviews with US space startups such as Deep Space Industries, as well as up-and-coming European ones such as Leaf Space and Zero 2 Infinity. We recently rebranded and redesigned the website, expanding it with more content in a more modern-looking design. Over the next year we plan to expand on the site further with a wider variety of articles, as well as podcasts and reference materials that will support aspiring entrepreneurs. New space is becoming a reality here in Europe and we want you to be part of it!

As ESA sets its sights for the Moon, we have been working closely with them on a new website dedicated to our closest neighbour. In an interactive web guide, the site looks at “the why and how of lunar exploration”. Users can explore questions about the Moon and hear featured interviews with scientists of all over Europe. ESA would value your feedback on the site as we continue to work with them on improvements.

We would like to express thanks towards all of our customers and partners for their support and the exceptional collaborations during the past twelve months. We also like to thank the internet community who have followed our work and sent us their kind feedback via social media.

As we enter 2017 we look forward to even more exciting projects. Meanwhile we wish you all a great holiday season and start to the New Year.

Yours, Team of Design & Data

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