Celebrating a decade of Columbus

Credit: ESA

Design & Data successfully supported the livestreaming of the celebration event for the 10th anniversary of the Columbus laboratory and the launch of the first Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV). A two-part video of the event is available to watch on

The Columbus science laboratory is ESA’s largest single contribution to the International Space Station (ISS) and is the first permanent European research facility in space. Shortly after its launch over a decade ago the first ATV also arrived at the ISS to become the most reliable and complex spacecraft ever built in Europe. Combined they have enabled the further development of human space exploration and have allowed astronaut crews in low-earth orbit to further our scientific knowledge.

Held at ESA’s technical heart in the Netherlands, a celebratory event re-lived some of the exciting milestones together with a high-level panel. The general public were invited to join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Columbus10Years and to submit questions live to the experts using #askESA.

The video of the live briefing event is available to watch here on

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