Cloud Space Solutions for the Space Sector

New server

Design and Data now offers a simple solution for the aerospace community who wish share high-quality video content with media professionals.

Hosted in Cologne by Design & Data, a 26TB server is available to easily share high-volume media content online between customers and media professionals. Such a facility can save companies expenses incurred on cost, maintenance, and time associated with in-house hosting. The server also increases accessibility in a secure manner that customers and media will be able to access from anywhere in the world, utilising a computer, laptop, tablet or any other device and an internet connection.

Design & Data already manages ESA’s video archive and makes videos available online to the public via Space in Videos, and to professionals via ESA TV’s Videos for Professionals. Any footage not found online can be requested contacting: where our team will search for content on ESA’s video archive. This media can now be shared more easily via the new server.

Any customers wishing to make use of our new server can contact us via our website or by phone.

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