Communicator Awards

Communicator Awards

Annually the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts honors the best companies in the domain of marketing, communication, creativity and media. And we won two Awards for Excellence: one of the best online-video for our cartoon “Once Upon A Time…Rosetta” and one of the best websites for our microsite “10 Years on Mars Express”.

Each year the Communicator Awards are assigned by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. The awarding committee is compiled by experts working in leading marketing-, communication- and advertisement firms, for example MTV Networks and Disney.

As a participating firm, you can apply for ten categories. There are for instance apps, advertisement and websites. Design&Data attended this year’s Communicator Awards and won in two categories. Our cartoon “Once Upon A Time…Rosetta” gained the Excellence Award in the field online-videos. And our microsite „10 Years on Mars Express“ snatched another prize in the category for websites.

We are very proud and want to thank everyone who made this possible. First of all, we want to mention ESA/ESTEC and the DLR, for whom we produced the campaigns, as well as the Communicator Awards’ jury. We also thank our team for their great performance.

Currently we are working diligently on the awarded campaigns. Recently we finished another batch of cartoons of the Rosetta series. The videos can be found in our own YouTube-channel and in the ESA’s channel. The cartoons show the progression of the Rosetta mission: The satellite and his helper Philae reside currently in the orbit of the comet. The goal of the mission is to give insight in the primordial matter of our solar system.

We are delighted to get honoured in such a way and look forward to the future!

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