Company Holiday 2017

Credit: Design & Data GmbH

As 2017 draws to a close and the festivities begin, our offices will close from 16th December 2017 until 4th January 2018. We take this opportunity to wish our network of customers, suppliers and partners a very happy and smooth entry into the new year 2018.

At the start of the Rosetta cartoons came to an end with Rosetta’s grand finale. The mission was a great success and we are happy that the cartoons played an important role in captivating the imagination of the general public. We are happy to have contributed to the success of the outreach campaign. We’re happy to see that the donated toys from the Rosetta Strato Charity campaign we ran is supporting Rosetta’s legacy through activities such as a  ‘Build your own Rosetta’ workshop’ demonstrated at the EU Researchers’ Night in Greece.

We developed further on visual illustration techniques in a video for the European Defence Agency (EDA) to illustrate the need for governmental satellite communications (GovSatcom). We also released our Showreel 2017, which highlights some of our more interesting work – from drone shots, interviews and livestream events, to animations and 3D motion graphics. In the New Year we look forward to presenting some additional productions we have been working on.

We also updated the Lunar Exploration Website – ESA’s Interactive Guide to the Moon. It proves to be more mobile friendly, viewable on almost every modern smartphone and is fully responsive. It has a faster performance and new design features which make for an improved user experience. This was recognised in The Communicator Awards where we won one of the best websites in the category of Features-User Interface’. For the full experience visit:

We have become more active in the emerging startup scene in space through our entrepreneurial platform Spaceoneers. We continue to include events, articles, and interviews, and also started our own comic series Little Spaceoneers, which has proven to be a hit among a fan base on social media. Building on the success of Startup Weekend Space: Bremen we developed a new concept for DLR Space Administration under the INNOspace Initiative called “INNOspace Weekend”, aiming to bring together space and non-space sectors to generate new upstream or downstream space startups. The first event proved to be a great success and we hope that this will become a regular feature.

We also founded our own space startup Bake In Space, which seeks to address the scientific and technical challenges relating to the production of fresh bread in space. We hope this will go some way to addressing sustainability of food in space as we look towards long-duration missions and human space missions to Moon and Mars.

As we enter 2018 we look forward to even more exciting projects. Meanwhile we wish you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and great start to the New Year.


The Design & Data Team

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