As 2018 draws to a close and the festivities begin, our offices will close from 24th December 2018 until 7th January 2019. We take this opportunity to wish our network of customers, suppliers and partners a very happy and smooth entry into the new year 2019. We use this time also to reflect on our activities over the past year, demonstrating the wide range of services we offer across the many projects we have worked on.

2018 began with a short documentary film on the Herschel Space Observatory. The teams involved shared their first-hand accounts of the mission and reflect on its legacy. Our aim with the documentary was to bring some drama and emotion to the mission.

The past year has also seen a range of activities around German ESA astronaut, Alexander Gerst’s Horizons mission. We produced videos for LSG Sky Chefs to illustrate how it is taking its airline catering and in-flight services to a whole new level as they developed “bonus food” for his mission. We also provided the livestream for his final news conference before his flight and later for his launch and docking. After six months in space, Gerst will shortly return to Earth, where we will stream his landing in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Design & Data continue to support education and outreach activities. This year saw the launch of the ESA/JAXA BepiColombo mission. We worked with ESA to produce a series of cartoons, developing characters with personalities for the different spacecraft components. We also developed a number of video clips for ESA, which were shown as part of a two-hour live webcast for Asteroid Day as part of a global awareness campaign.

To inspire people to work in the space industry we created a series of short, dynamic and informative videos for EUMETSAT to promote their Early Career Programme and what it is like to work at their headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Similarly we produced a video to promote the research fellowships at ESA’s centre near to Madrid at the European Space and Astronomy Centre (ESAC). We are sure these videos will attract the next generation of talented scientists from across EUMETSAT and ESA member states.

Our specialist team demonstrated the pioneering and innovative space technologies for TESAT-SpaceCom and SpaceTec Partners. We delivered a fast-paced and dynamic representation of TESAT’s capabilities for their 10-year laser link anniversary and its milestone of 10,000 laser links. We also produced a video animation for SpaceTec Partners, demonstrating their Horizon 2020 EU research and development project called ‘ONION’, which seeks to optimise the use of Copernicus through an innovative use of networked satellite systems.

Design & Data worked with Copernicus ECMWF in the organisation of the European State of the Climate event under the patronage of the European Parliament. We developed a number of media-related materials to communicate the impact and benefits for service users and European citizens. The aim of the event was to raise awareness and support for the Copernicus programme among MEPs, the two Copernicus services implemented by ECMWF – the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), and the European State of the Climate Report. Our team worked closely with Copernicus ECMWF to plan the event, including briefing notes for speakers, videos on the service user cases, and the complete graphics and editorial works for the event.

Our team also built on the success of the INNOspace Weekend (DLR) to organise the first PhiWeek Bootcamp in conjunction with the ESA PhiWeek dedicated to future uses of earth observation (EO) data. Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs the event supported the development of innovative business ideas to address some of the information needs of the food and energy sectors through EO.

Throughout the diverse array of projects we prove we can think outside of the box and bring to life a concept into all forms of media: video productions, websites, animations, motion graphics, livestreaming, social media and events. As we enter 2019 we look forward to even more exciting projects.

Meanwhile we wish you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and great start to the New Year.


— The Design & Data Team

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