Crash Zoom to Earth


When seen from space, the Earth looks majestic. Any astronaut will confirm this. We make use of this fascinating sight and use it in our intro for Araquelle. However, we go one step further with our motion design. Our crash zoom starts with a view from outer space and ends in beautiful Provence in France.

Araquelle is specialised in producing organic teas. They offer a number of different organic varieties that are obtained partly from individual plants or mixtures. The teas help people in a natural way to stay healthy and lead a good life.

Our in-house motion designer produced the crash zoom intro for Araquelle. Within this zoom he uses different satellite images of Earth from NASA, and satellite data of clouds and Earth’s altitude differences. All this information was placed on a 3D globe to create a three-dimensional reconstruction of the Earth. We used little artistic freedom for the position of the sun in relation to Earth, to heighten the visual experience. After seeing the Earth from space, we descend fast onto Provence, the home town of Araquelle.

If you would like to know how you can use Earth views and satellite images for the communication of your service and products, then feel free to contact us.

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