ESA’s Interactive Guide to the Moon

ESA’s Interactive Guide to the Moon

As the European Space Agency (ESA) sets its sights for the Moon, it has just released a new area of its website dedicated to our closest neighbour. Developed by Design & Data together with ESA, it presents an interactive web guide to “the why and how of lunar exploration”.

The interactive web documentary allows users to explore questions about the Moon, featuring interviews with scientists from all over Europe. Divided into three sections: science, technology and missions, it includes detailed information on topics ranging from the origin and evolution of the Moon, and the history of our Solar System, to lunar resources, flight dynamics and robotic exploration. It also includes fact sheets of past lunar missions together with an interactive mission timeline.

Other functions on the site include a video and photo gallery, as well as an “explore” area and “Moon facts” where you can learn more about the exploration of the Moon.

ESA’s Massimo Sabbatini, Producer of the interactive web documentary explains: “We built a web documentary where the user is encouraged to discover the content through their own curiosity. We will keep updating the information and expand it to other domains of human and robotic exploration in the future.”

The application based on AngularJS boasts a modern, colourful design with rich content and is optimised for desktop computers and tablets. Its realisation was made possible by Design & Data’s CEO and web developer, Björn Brockmann. Editors can edit all the content using the enterprise content management system ezPublish. D&D’s Copy Editor, Ryan Laird supported the application’s content.

To ensure high page performance we developed an extension for ezPublish that automatically makes a static HTML export of the webpage for the public. The static export is also used by an offline working KIOSK system that ESA will use in its public exhibitions.

Visit the new site at:

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