Design & Data Provides Livestreaming of Events

Audience of the Earth Explorer 8 User Consultation Meeting

As a multimedia company, we look to produce a full range of content across a wide range of media, catering for the space industry. Design & Data are pleased to now offer live streaming services for the space sector.

Design & Data have been providing a wide range of visual media since 2010 for a number of customers including ESA, DLR and EUMETSAT. We recently added a new dimension to our filming with our 4K equipment in support of the launch campaign for EUMETSAT’s MSG-4 launch. We’re pleased to now provide livestreaming for events through the use of modern technology.

The company first supported ESA’s Rosetta #CometLanding webcast by overlaying tweets onto the Livestream – ESA’s first Livestream event. In April we also did the Livestream for StartupWeekend: Bremen.

We’re pleased now to work with ESRIN, ESA’s European Space Research Institute, in support of its activities as it seeks to become active in ESA’s webcasts. We were recently at the Earth Explorer 8 User Consultation Meeting live from Krakow, Poland, where the Earth Observation Science community met to discuss the merits of two mission concepts before one is selected to become ESA’s next Earth Explorer satellite.  The webcasts were put out via Livestream at and through the ESA website.

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