The journey of the satellite Rosetta

Rosetta Illustration

The story of the satellite “Rosetta” and the lander “Philae” sounds like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, both of them embark on a journey to the far away comet „67P/Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko“. They want to show the world what the primordial matter of the solar system is like. But before they could actually arrive at the comet, they fell into a deep sleep. All is well, because the satellite could wake up on time to prepare for its impending task. Design & Data produced a charming cartoon for the ESA which describes the previous journey of Rosetta and her companion Philae.

The mission around the satellite Rosetta and the lander Philae is remarkable in their execution. Until now, it was unthinkable to land on a comet and explore it from close range. But the scientists of the ESA devised a plan which makes it possible to land on a celestial body that is million of miles away. Such an undertaking is anything but a fairy tale. The mission is planned to the utmost detail and will bring us closer to the primordial matter of our solar system.

The central focus is therefore the satellite Rosetta, which started its nearly ten year long journey on the 2nd of March 2004. The satellite orbited around Earth and Mars; it also collected data of the flying by asteroids “Steins” and “Lutetia”. Rosetta was placed in deep space hibernation for two years to save energy and has just recently awakened on the 20th of January 2014.

The remaining year will also stay exciting for the satellite because Rosetta will achieve its actual tasks at the end of the year. In May, Rosetta will enter the comet’s orbit and will start to map 67P/Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko from a distance. Thereupon, the exciting part of the mission begins. In November, the lander Philae will land on the comet. Furthermore, he will orbit around the sun with the comet.

The Rosetta mission has become a sensation throughout the world. A lot of people want to follow the awakened satellite on its journey to see how the story of Rosetta unfolds. We are very proud to support the ESA with our own vision of the journey which resulted in our cartoon. Our version of the satellite became the main visual for the ESA’s social media campaign.

Design & Data drafted, animated and produced the complete cartoon. The music was also created by D&D. We provide the featured music on SoundCloud because it found great favor with the audience.

You can find ESA’s social media campaign on Twitter and other social media channels with the hashtag #WakeUpRosetta. The websites of the ESA the DLR provide further information about the mission. Our cartoon enjoys great popularity on YouTube and was watched by more than 50.000 people. It can be found directly in our YouTube-Channel and in the channel of the ESA. There are even more videos about the mission. We wish Rosetta and its aide Philae good luck on their upcoming tasks and on their mission!

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