Discover “the why and how of lunar exploration”

Credit: ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a further update of their Interactive Guide to the Moon following work by Design & Data, including a new home screen, rework of the artwork and background music.

The website has seen huge interest with high traffic since its release in May 2017. It allows users to explore questions about our closest neighbour, featuring interviews with scientists from all over Europe. Developed by D&D together with ESA, it is a space to satisfy your curiosity, learn and be inspired. You can create your own journey through the web documentary to discover “the why and how of lunar exploration”.

On the content side the complete new chapter “ESA” was added to the page, which extend the existing three chapters Science, Technology and Missions. In the new chapter ESA gives an interesting and comprehensive overview about past and the planned future Moon missions.

On the technical side Design & Data focussed on an improved user experience. The page loads now faster, a full text search was implemented to the header of the page and is more interactive. The Menu point “Home” was complete rewritten and we also added an animated star background to the topics. The artwork of the topic items is also complete new. The user can now activate background music that adds a unique feel to the site.

Visit the page here:

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