DLR-DVD „Mars – A planet full of riddles“

Mars – A planet full of riddles

The DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) is very engaged in the exploration of Mars. The DLR is involved in the ESA mission „Mars Express“ by providing the high resolution 3D camera, HRSC. This camera reveals a lot about the composition of the Red Planet. We produced a DVD for the DLR, in which the experts of the research center review the latest status of Mars research in bilingual interviews. The DVD is called „Mars – A planet full of riddles“.

The DLR experts explain a lot of fascinating details about the Red Planet – starting with the history of Mars exploration right through to the cartography of the surface and the volcanism on Mars. Every interview was shot in German and in English. Furthermore, the Red Planet is presented from its most beautiful side. A flight over Mars really shows off the natural beauty of the planet. In addition, you can marvel at a 3D slideshow of the Mars.

Design & Data produced the complete promotion DVD for the DLR including the design of the cover and of the inlay. The bilingual interviews, the film “The Mars in 3D” and the animated slideshow were also penned by Design & Data.

One of the interviews can be found in our YouTube-channel. Dr. Tilman Spohn discusses the probabilty of life on Mars. If you got curious about the DLR, you can check out their homepage and their YouTube-channel which also features the bilingual interviews. Have fun with the exploration of the Mars!

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