Shooting for the UK Space Agency

UK Space Agency

Great honour for Design & Data: For the first time, we worked on behalf of the UK Space Agency. In the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne we filmed amongst other things, an interview with the British ESA astronaut Timothy Peake. The video should encourage pupils to take part in a very special space campaign.

When Tim Peake flies to the International Space Station at the end of this year, he will take some plant seeds on board. These will stay there during Peake’s Principia mission and will be sent back to Earth at the end of his mission. “We need you to help our research by growing them and recording your findings”, is the public call by astronaut Tim Peake to UK school girls and boys. The overarching aim is to find out whether the human race will be able to survive on another planet in the future by growing food in space.

Young people as well as their teachers in the UK should be encouraged to participate in this experiment. In this way the initiators want to raise general interest for STEM education subjects to pave the way for a future career in one of its associated industries.

Design & Data recorded the interview of Tim Peake and was supported by a UK Space Agency communication officer in Cologne. The material will be partially edited by us and will be provided to UKSA after completion.

We recorded additional short greeting clips of Tim Peake for various purposes. On of these had to be completed by the next day for immediate use in Tokyo, Japan. The Clip was shown at the Innovate UK exhibition opening in Tokyo that was also attended by Prince William.

The film recording session was a fantastic experience for our team. Apparently the same applies to the British astronaut. He appeared very interested in our work and our equipment, especially our Glidecam that he toyed with like a true camera professional.

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