A space anniversary on ARTE

Reporters visiting ESA (Copyright ARTE)

There is one more space shuttle liftoff scheduled for this summer before the shuttle is retired by NASA. This marks the end of an era, which began 50 years ago with Yuri Gagarin. On account of this event, X:enius, the science magazine on ARTE, dedicated an episode entirely to the subject of astronautics.
Design & Data helped the production company AVE to recover old video treasures from the ESA video archive.

During the course of this episode, which in X:enius’ typically playful manner is made up as a roadmovie, treasure hunt and science show simultaneously, we delve into old and new questions of space travel.

  • Which visions and ideas were behind the space shuttle?
  • How could the catastrophical disasters of “Challenger” and “Columbia” happen?
  • How can the International Space Station ISS be supplied now?
  • Is manned space travel still worthwhile?
  • Which challenges does Mars travel pose?

The former ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter illuminates the answers to these and more questions with the help of video sequences which were researched and encoded by Design & Data.

air dates:

Space Shuttle
Friday, April 15, 2011 at 8.45 A.M, 5.40 P.M on ARTE

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