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Are you looking at new and interesting ways to showcase your company? Then look no further.

We were recently tasked by EUMETSAT to refurbish the content displayed in the EUMETSAT Visitor Briefing Gallery and Mission Control area. We updated and upgraded the visitor presentations to accurately reflect the organisation’s current brand and messages.

We developed a content outline covering a range of key topics from introducing EUMETSAT and its role together with its European and global partnerships, illustrating how we watch the weather and the impact of satellite data, explaining how we monitor our oceans, atmosphere and climate, informing user statements, and highlighting future programmes. The challenge was to inform and entertain at the same time.

As well as new branded graphics, we included a variety of existing animations and visualisations within the presentation content to fit to either a 6-screen (24:9 aspect ratio, 5760 x 2160 pixels) or 4-screen presentation (16:9 aspect ratio, 3840 x 2160 pixels). Based on EUMETSAT’s updated branding, we tailored this content to each of the visitor groups from general visitors, young visitors to specialists in EUMETSAT’s working languages of English, French and German.

If you are looking at welcoming visitors to your company in an engaging way, then feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help you with new ideas.

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