ESA BIC supports upcoming start-ups


Instead of measuring distances in units of length, “iGeolise” focuses on the time you need to cover the distance. The company wants to improve apps and online-maps. “Interasight” develops imaging systems to detect food contaminants; so global food delivery will be safer and cheaper. But both of those ideas would still be ideas without the help of the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC). The BIC supports numerous start-ups to develop their ideas into products. Design & Data shot a corporate video about the ESA BIC in Harwell, England, which should attract the attention of the upcoming stars in the start-up world.

The European Space Agency (ESA) founded the BICs. They built a network of 14 Business Incubation Centres all around Europe which help emerging start-ups to gain ground in the business world. Thererfore, they offer financial aid, technical equipment and an Europe-wide network of investors and companies. Additionally, the BIC offers guidance in business-related questions, so the start-ups can completely focus on their research.

The technical equipment, the BIC offers, is essential for the start-ups. Most of the companies use space-flight technology to realise their products. Without the BIC’s support, the equipment would be too expensive. There is a lot of discover – for example, the imitation of the Mars landscape which is nearly identical to the surface of the Red Planet. MNT-Cleanrooms and space-related technologies are used as well and contribute to the development of the products.

Design & Data visited the ESA BIC in Harwell. This specific Incubation Centre is managed by the STFC which is dedicated to the promotion of research in England. We discovered and experienced a lot of fascinating things at the BIC. Some of them, like the Mars landscape, can be seen in our corporate video. We produced and shot the video for the business incubators. Naturally, we edited the film and added appropriate music. The video should represent the BIC and call attention of emerging start-ups.

The website of the ESA Business Incubation Centre and the website of the STFC contain more insight for everyone who is interested. If you’re a part of an emerging start-up and seek support, check out the BIC’s application process. We wish good luck to all the start-ups and look forward to all the amazing new ideas. If you wish to learn something about the BIC right now, have a look at our corporate video about the ESA BIC in Harwell.

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