ESAC Research Fellowship videos

Credit: ESA

For ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) we produced several short, dynamic videos to capture the unique experience of doing a post-doc at the Centre close to Madrid. The aim is to attract young astronomers to join ESA’s research fellowship programme.

The Centre offers a warm and welcoming research environment close to the city of Madrid with the benefit of the beautiful surrounding countryside. It includes a number of activities for its staff and offers a dynamic work-life balance. We wanted to capture this atmosphere as much as possible in our filming.

Based on our core values, we like to try new things and achieve the best result for our customers. In order to achieve ESA’s objectives to tailor the video for a younger audience we wanted to take some risks with some new filming techniques to be dynamic and cutting edge.

We captured some shots in a moving car, which was perhaps the biggest challenge for us with limited space available when Maggie was cycling next to us. For Ginevra we wanted to follow her running together with her sports club and met at sunset to film her shots under the natural, warm back lighting. We also filmed a number of drone shots to get a true feeling of the surrounds, including footage above the castle.

In post-production we slowed down some of the shots and manipulated the image a little with the bright, warm and inviting colours to produce a dreamy look to help captivate the viewer.

The resulting videos we produced are short, dynamic and informative, capturing colourful surrounds of the unique and friendly working environment of ESAC. Published through ESA’s media channels they have already proven very popular and have received positive comments. We are sure these videos will contribute towards attracting the next generation of talented scientists from ESA’s member states.

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