ESTEC – from its most beautiful side

ESA station ESTEC

The second film about an ESA location has been rendered and uploaded: This time we’re showing the research centre ESTEC in the Netherlands from its sunniest side. And the short trailer gets you into the mood to travel to the beautiful beach of the North Sea, not only because there’s a golf course nearby.

In the spacious building complex in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, a lot of planning and coordination is happening, especially with the industry, which for example participates in developing new materials for space travel. The ESTEC also tests whether satellites are fit for the extreme conditions in space or examine synthetics in lavish laboratories.

This is why the short image film shows large rooms with lots of computers and labs with technical equipment. The people shown wear protective suits, jeans, or shirt and tie, matching the research centre’s diversity. Modern music accompanies the recordings in support of the images’ atmosphere.

For the trailer we took on project management and the entire execution – from shooting and editing to postproduction. The 160 seconds produced are the result. And we are – as usual – very satisfied with it. But see for yourself.

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