Fictional storytelling of space safety for ESA

Credit: ESA

As ESA is preparing the themes and topics for the upcoming ministerial Space19+, we used fictional storytelling as a tool to demonstrate the reasons why action needs to be taken to defend against dangers from space.

Design & Data GmbH were commissioned by ESA to produce a short documentary-style film with actors to create a realistic scenario of a possible impact by a near-Earth object. The video is to be used to build a strong case for the ministers to take decisions towards supporting a protective system that safeguards Earth from asteroids.

Filmed from the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, we stage a tense and dramatic portrait to show what dealing with asteroid impacts might look like in the future. A group of scientists and operations engineers are quickly trying to find out if a near-Earth object will strike or miss the Earth.

It’s the year 2028, and we’ve been carefully monitoring a worrying situation: an enormous asteroid is en route to strike Earth, although the exact point of impact is not yet clear.

The feedback we received about the film has been very positive. We’re confident it successfully communicates the importance of mitigating the very real chaos a potential asteroid impact could have. Following great success of the Rosetta cartoons to reach “the hearts and minds of a global audience”, it is another example of where good fictional storytelling can engage new audiences and convince stakeholders of important issues.


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