How to communicate the benefits of space to a wider audience

What exactly is that space connection you need to apply for support from the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Switzerland ? We helped demystify some pre-conceptions in this animation.

The ESA BIC Switzerland by ETH Zürich offers an extensive support package to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and some space connection to develop their business in space or on Earth. We were approached to help stimulate the thinking about these connections in even apparently non-space related projects and businesses. Space is often seen as too complex and too mysterious, without any tangible connections to our daily lives. The focus was to help bring space out of its niche and make it more approachable.

From Earth to space, space to Earth, and to space data applications, we wanted to use real-life examples to help people understand what space connections are and what shapes and forms they might take. We demonstrate how solar panels optimised for use on satellites can be applied on Earth to generate electricity, and how one start-up is reinventing their cybersecurity solution from the financial sector to protect communications via satellite. We show how one can also contribute to a whole host of space data applications such as using information from satellite imagery to help farmers precisely deliver the right amount of fertiliser.

The overall design of the animation was made to fit in with the colour scheme of the ESA BIC Switzerland corporate identity. Our client wanted the video to be a ‘door opener’ for aspiring entrepreneurs to contact them to go forward with steps to try to find this connection, helping to reach the untapped potential of a project or business idea they may have. To instil a friendly feeling in the viewer we concentrated on creating a handmade look, as if everything had been drawn with watercolours on coarse paper.

Are you looking for an inspiring way to communicate your message to non-space businesses and not sure how? Get in touch and let us unleash our creative spirit.

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