IAC2015 Paper on the Rosetta Outreach Campaign

Rosetta & Philae Presentation

In a paper for the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) we attempt to find answers why the Rosetta outreach campaign has proved so successful.

At the IAC, last Thursday (15th October), Design & Data’s Sebastian D. Marcu presented a paper based on our first hand experience in working with the European Space Agency (ESA) to promote the Rosetta mission. It is the result of various leads that we have gathered from colleagues and peers, together with the survey we conducted last month. Thanks again to all those who participated.

Considering the key content elements of the Rosetta outreach campaign, we analyse the use of social media, participatory engagement and story-telling techniques to explain how its success was achieved. We explore the effect of empathy the Rosetta and Philae characters generated amongst audiences. We believe this effect was heightened by the human-like tweets that reflected their anthropomorphised characters.

We think it is essential to engage target audiences on an experience level by letting them become part of the adventure. This experience of adventure can be best communicated on an empathy level by bringing in human factors.

In the paper we conclude by putting forward a series of recommendations on how to successfully conduct outreach campaigns for future space exploration missions. Read our paper in full here together with our presentation.

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