Ideas Factory for Space and Science

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Since the company’s founding in 2011, Design & Data has grown in its service offering of “Digital Visual Communications Solutions”. Through our creative spirit we have taken on new challenges to become thought leaders for the space and science industry.

From projects like the ESA Rosetta cartoons to the INNOspace Weekend, we have demonstrated to customers how we can think outside of the box and bring to life a concept into all forms of media: video productions, websites, animations, motion graphics, livestreaming, social media and events.

“We’re not your typical creative communications agency!” said Sebastian Marcu, CEO of Design & Data. “Our core values reflect the pioneering spirit of space, which is why we enjoy taking risks in order push the creative and technological boundaries for the benefit of space and science outreach and communication.”

Design & Data has been well placed to support the growing space sector and emerging startup scene. We have built a team of professional experts who have a profound technical knowledge and are passionate about space and science. We can speak the language of our customers.

As we look towards the future, we feel that our tagline needed an update to accurately reflects our philosophy. That is why we have chosen the following:   

Ideas Factory for Space and Science

We’re excited to partner with our present and future customers to develop new and innovative ideas to help shape the growing space and science industries.

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