INNOspace Weekend 2017

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The first INNOspace Weekend will be held this year and will be take place from 15-17 September 2017 in Cologne. Organised by Design & Data GmbH on behalf of DLR, the aim is to unite non-space sectors to the space sector and generate new upstream or downstream space startups.

Through a high-energy and dynamic event, the INNOspace Weekend will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to incubate their startup idea. From design thinking to the ‘lean startup’ approach, participants will discover a systematic approach to innovation. For the 1st edition we will focus on Logistics and Automotive as these are the regional cluster sectors for the Cologne region.

A variety of resources will be available throughout the weekend, together with mentors, speakers and industry experts to support the participants and enable them to unlock their creative potential in just 60 hours. At the end of the event, teams will present their minimum viable product to a panel of judges. Finalists will have an opportunity to compete in the INNOspace Masters competition.

The INNOspace Weekend is just the beginning. By providing a range of experts and creative tools, we hope the event will lead to a space startup culture and community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

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