INNOspace Weekend Event Video and Summary Report

Following the great success of the first INNOspace Weekend, we are pleased to show the highlights through a new video about the startup event and a summary report. The high-energy and dynamic event provided an international mix of participants with the tools they needed to initiate their own startup idea.

In the course of DLR’s INNOspace initiative the INNOspace Weekend was realised as a 3-day intensive weekend of activities where aspiring entrepreneurs could unlock their creative potential, invent the future and build a startup in just 60 hours. It connects the space industry to new technologies and application areas through new methodological approaches. The first-of-its-kind event took place in Cologne at “Solution Space – Innovationshaus am Dom” from 15th -17th September 2017 and linked space with automotive and logistics.

The event is structured around the creative methodology of design thinking. Participants first engage with the space and non-space industries through a tour in which they start to define the key problems to solve in that industry. Later they brainstorm potential crossover ideas between the sectors before pitching them and working on the top ideas throughout the extended weekend.

Not only do the participants have access to business support but they hear specialist talks and have access to a range of mentors and resources throughout the weekend to support them in areas such as finance, law, marketing, web, design, 3D printing, electronics and project management, as well as space technology and the non-space technical themes such as automotive and logistics. This enables a truly creative and hands-on environment for the teams to develop their ideas. The final solutions are presented at the end of the event where the first, second and third ranked teams were awarded with prizes that shall help them advance their presented business concepts.

As reflected in the video and report, we were overwhelmed with a lot of positive feedback on the event. One of the mentors commented how INNOspace Weekend was “really well organised and structured, at the same time the atmosphere was quite open and creative, and allowed for good talks and insights.”

Download the report here.

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