Rosetta Cartoons Interview with Digital Production

Credit: ESA

Have you ever wondered about the art of creating animations for science communication? An article in the latest issue of Digital Production magazine explores the ideas and drivers behind the Rosetta cartoon series at Design & Data.

Digital Production is a German magazine that focuses on the craft of animation and digital production techniques. This month, in an interview with Design & Data’s animator Carlo Palazzari, it explores the design of the look and feel to main characters, Rosetta and Philae. It includes a number of early sketches and highlights the tools and methods used at Design & Data that brought the popular characters Rosetta and Philae to life.

The cartoons have captured the imagination of many around the world as they have told the story of Rosetta and Philae’s daring mission, thanks to the team at ESA who created the storyboard. Their very real technological and scientific challenges have also been tweeted by ESA and DLR who further anthropomorphised the spacecraft.

We believe it is essential to engage target audiences on an experience level by letting them become part of the adventure. The Rosetta cartoons have proven to be a successful vehicle in communicating the mission as many have admired the cartoons worldwide.

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