IcelandProTravel: Data Export for Third Parties

Export Interface in Use

The specialist for Iceland holidays now offers an export interface for booking information. Through this, third party vendors are enabled to integrate Iceland ProTravel’s holiday offers into their own websites and market them. The technology originates from Design & Data.

  • For four years now we have been supporting the Iceland ProTravel Group together with our partner agency AMyMA on their 13 search engine optimized websites in technical matters of all kinds.2010 we developed a booking configurator, enabling customers to completely individually compose their holidays.
    Success came quickly with a turnover increase of 30 per cent and reduced personnel and telephone cost for customer assistance. The specialist for Iceland travels is extremely pleased with our work.

    Now, the next step followed: Via an intelligent extension of the booking configurator, selected third party websites, e.g. the airline Iceland Express, can now offer all holidays on their own websites and online platforms.
    All flexible booking options are available for these external websites, customers now enjoy exactly the same comfort of arranging their individual holiday as they already did on the Iceland ProTravel websites.
    This way, Iceland ProTravel can considerably increase turnover and online presence.

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  • Iceland ProTravel (UK)
  • Iceland Express

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