Good news for all fans of our Rosetta cartoons: A new clip has been completed. You can now watch the sixth episode on YouTube.

In the recently published film entitled ”Once upon a time… #cometlanding” it is time for the historic moment the world was waiting for: Philae is performing the first soft landing on a comet. Philae and Rosetta had been travelling for ten years, five months and four days before they reached their goal. But unexpected problems during the landing process led the scientists on earth to hold their breath: After Philae’s landing the harpoons failed and Philae could not touch down safely. Instead, Philae bounced twice off the surface of the comet and finally landed in a different location then was originally intended.

It was the task of the little lander Philae to examine 67P in order to collect data about the origin of our solar sytem. Is Philae’s mission now at stake? Was the long trip in vain?

Watch our new clip and find out if the story comes to a happy end!

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