Life on Mars? ESA Halloween-Clip

Happy Halloween

The hearts of many ESA fans and space enthusiasts must have beaten faster for a few moments on 31 October 2010: the European Space Agency (ESA) released a Happy Halloween greeting as a video clip on its YouTube channel, entitled “Life on Mars?”.

Accompanied by the sound of eerie music, in the 22-second film the viewer is literally dragged out into space, heading straight for the brightly shining orange planet Mars. Although it initially appears enlivened and illuminated, the planet is ultimately revealed to be a pumpkin with a spine-tingling laugh.
The video was a delight not only for the ESA and its followers, but also for Xperiencia. Commissioned at short notice, this project provided us with another opportunity to demonstrate our flexibility and speed: we literally “conjured up” this clip – in less than four days! We planned and realised every single step involved in the production of the clip: the concept and storyboard, the video editing and even the final step of embedding the clip as a start video on the ESA YouTube channel.
An exciting detail: the eerie music was written and mixed specifically for the video by the well-known electronica and trance artist The JEYÊNNE. When we told him about the Halloween project, JEYÊNNE was so enthusiastic about it that he worked through the night especially for us to produce horror sounds for the clip. Listen to more tracks of JEYÊNNE on
The amazing fun that we had during the production of this clip, even though it was hard work, is shown clearly in the pictures. The result of our hair-raising days can be seen here:

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