Livestream via Satellite Service

Parabolic antenna on the rooftop of our service centre. Credit: Design & Data GmbH

Further to our service offering of livestreaming, we are pleased to announce a capability for broadcasters. We can now make livestream material available via a satellite transmission.

With an installation of 13 dishes on the rooftop of our service centre, we now can collect the signals from almost every European communications satellite*. We can provide television broadcast quality livestreams with a full range of services to deliver small or large scale productions.

On 17 November we provided the ESA downlink for the launch of French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet to the International Space Station, as well as the launch of four additional Galileo satellites aboard an Ariane 5 rocket.

Both events can be watched on ESA’s channel (GalileoProxima Mission).

*Satellites include: EUTELSAT 7A/7B, EUTELSAT 9B/ 9A, EUTELSAT 10A, EUTELSAT 12 West B, EUTELSAT Hotbird 13B/13C/13D, EUTELSAT 16A, ASTRA 1KR/ 1L/ 1MMN, ASTRA 3B, EUTELSAT 26B/ ES’hall1, BADR 4/5/6/7, ASTRA 2E/ 2F/ 2G and TELESTAR 12 Vantage

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