Logo-Animation for Jena-Optronik

The eyes of the satellites

Jena-Optronik GmbH is one of the leading instrument- and subsystem providers in the international aerospace market. Design & Data remade the animation of the company logo, including sound branding.

The animated logo is based on the high tech specialist’s already existing design mark. A satellite circling the Earth flies into the sunrise, leaving a trail which aligns itself like a golden ring around our home planet. The sun flashes once and the company logo appears. Along with this, space tones sound.

Jena-Optronik is one of the pioneers of multispectral space research. The company from Thuringia develops rendezvous and docking sensors, star and sun sensors. Their customers, among others, are NASA and ESA. Another emphasis is put on the development of opto-electronic technologies for Earth monitoring of meteorological satellites and cameras to capture infrastructural and vegetation data.

We would like to wish our client Jena-Optronik a lot of success with the new animation.

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