ONION video animation

In a new video animation for SpaceTec Partners we demonstrate their Horizon 2020 EU research and development project called ‘ONION’. Aimed at stakeholders of the project the produced visuals give an objective overview of the consortium’s proposed concept – to optimise the use of Copernicus through an innovative use of networked satellite systems. The proposed outcomes of the solution are described in simple terminology.

The space industry is going through a remarkable and rapid transformation. First, we have seen the increased modularity and miniaturisation of technologies, which has reduced the cost of access to space. Second, we are also seeing the deployment of constellations of distributed satellite systems, such as Planet’s Dove satellites, which open up a wealth of opportunities in the design of space architectures aimed at improving the performance, reliability, and efficiency of current and future space missions.

Coordinated by Thales Alenia Space France, ONION is a proposed “Operational Network of Individual Observation Nodes”, which envisions the distribution of satellite functionalities amongst multiple cooperating spacecraft, flying in different orbits, for various applications ranging from earth observation to space science.

Together with its consortium partners, SpaceTec Partners have identified the requirements for specific communities are not properly met in the offering of the Copernicus programme. For example, the Arctic and sub-Arctic marine user communities would like to have access to data with specific performance requirements. It has put together a tailored use case and selected an optimal architecture with the aim to improve performance through ONION. The animation created by Design & Data helped to visualise the complex architecture and operational set-up of the ONION H2020 project.

“For these kinds of R&D projects, animation videos are FUNDAMENTAL in order to reach the general public and the non-scientific communities, telling the story in a short, easy, and attractive fashion. The ONION video produced by Design & Data has been greatly appreciated by the European Commission and can be considered as the main communication vehicle of the project” – Udrivolf Pica, Senior Consultant at SpaceTec Partners

For Design & Data GmbH this project demonstrates that our expertise in content marketing and cross-media for the space and science sectors also provide a valuable contribution towards space and science related Horizon 2020 projects. We will gladly help other projects in a similar capacity and are looking forward to future incoming requests.

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