Connecting Space to the Public

Behind-the-scenes livestreaming of the Living Planet Symposium. Credit: Design & Data GmbH

As part of our service offering, we produce a full range of content across all forms of media, catering for the space industry. Over recent months we have supported a number of livestreams for ESA that allow the public to watch space events in real-time.

In April, ESA astronaut Tim Peake connected live from space with teachers in Norway, UK and Poland. Currently living and working on the International Space Station (ISS), Tim Peake answered teachers’ questions regarding STEM and space careers. Primary and secondary school teachers and students, as well as space scientists and engineers, gathered at national events taking place at York, Warsaw, and Oslo, from where they watched Tim on the ISS.

We also supported the livestream for one of the largest Earth observation conferences in the world, with the Living Planet Symposium that took place in Czech Republic earlier this month. The fifth such event, it drew more than 3000 participants. A major programme for discussion was the Copernicus programme – the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date – coordinated and managed by the European Commission that will have important practical applications of benefit to the general public.

It’s become increasingly important to engage the public in space missions and events, for them to feel close to an adventure lived out by spacecraft or to an astronaut in space. Together with social media it can allow them to be a part of the experience. We’re happy to be a part of that by supporting livestream of content that has also included the launch of ExoMarsa media briefing with Tim Peake upon his arrival at the ISS, as well as TEDxESA.

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