Promoting the Industry Space Days

Design & Data GmbH is working with ESA to generate awareness for the Industry Space Days (ISD) 2020 by developing a communication plan and various media-related materials to help promote the event. The goal is to gather interest within a wider group of potential SMEs to participate.

ESA’s SME Office seeks to connect space business actors with each other in order to foster international collaboration on ESA projects. It has commissioned us to develop the communication plan and communication materials to promote the event amongst its target audience. The back-bone of the promotion is the new updated ISD web site, which offers an easy access to relevant information about the event. In addition it offers the means to register and pre-schedule business-to-business (B2B) meetings using ESA’s third party application – Vimeet.

The work also included establishing a key message, slogan and visual to support the new look of the microsite. In order to stimulate further interest, we have also created a promotional video, animated GIFs, social media graphics and rollups to advertise the event.

We also created an explainer animation, providing a step-by-step guide on the B2B meeting process using the Vimeet application. We demonstrate how companies can efficiently build their space industry network and identify space projects and programmes where they can contribute their know-how, services and products.

Together with ESA, we are seeking to establish that ISD2020 is the core opportunity of the year to foster space-related business for SMEs.

For more information about the Industry Space Days (ISD) visit: and follow #ISD2020ESA

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