Rosetta Plush Reaches Stratosphere – Video Release

Credit: Design & Data GmbH

Following a successful launch and safe return to Earth we have been analysing the large amount of footage from our #RosettaStrato mission. We are pleased to finally reveal a fun video, which includes the key moments of the launch of a Rosetta plush toy to the stratosphere and its subsequent recovery.

Every space mission involves a rigorous period of modelling and testing; the Rosetta Strato mission was no different. Our aim was to recreate a key scene from the Rosetta cartoon series with the toy’s solar panels deployed. There was every risk however this might not work!

On 17th March 2016 at 10:40 CET from Gniezno in Poland we decided to launch. With steady conditions and clear, blue skies we released the toy attached to a stratospheric balloon where it reached over 30km in altitude. But could we capture the key scene of the solar panels deployed? And could we recover the toy?

Following a short search, the toy was successfully recovered from its space adventure; it landed on a tree-shaped “comet” near Miąskowo, Poland.  We’re very happy to finally reveal the footage of its journey to the stratosphere and back to Earth. Enjoy!

Many thanks to Blue Dot Solutions for their technical expertise in helping to make this mission a success.

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