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In 2019, we helped to develop a full marketing strategy to raise awareness of the free and open data from the European Earth Observation Programme Copernicus. A cooperation with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the campaign ran in the run-up to the European Space Week 2019 in Helsinki and focused on promoting Copernicus in the Finnish capital as well as in Madrid, which hosted the 25th United Nations Climate Change conference (the COP25).

The aim was the increase the level of awareness of the service among key policy and decision maker through an out of home (OHH) as well as a digital advertising campaign.

We developed the slogan “Big Data, Smart Decisions” and produced a range of short video spots that aired not only at the key event venues but also in the public transport network of the two cities. Our aim was to help the decision makers understand how satellite data and its applications can help Europe achieve its sustainability goals. In fact, ‘Sustainable Europe – Sustainable Future’ was the slogan of the EU Presidency, which was held by Finland at that time.

In addition to the European Space Week, we also focused on SLUSH,  the world’s leading startup and tech event, also held in Helsinki at that time.

We targeted public transport hot spots such as the Helsinki and Madrid airports, the main railway stations and tram networks.

The content we produced included a short 10-second video in widescreen for an overhead display at a train station, a 15-second video in portrait for the metro network, as well as the more common full HD versions in both English and Spanish.

We also ran a digital campaign via EuroNews and CNN International involving sponsored content banners and native articles on the Climate Now and AllWeather sections. At CNN International, we included sponsored content (1 week/month, 100% share of voice) in the form of 5 static banners and 1 pre-roll video on the Weather Europe section. Both campaigns culminated during the European Space Week, which brought together operators, businesses, and visionaries from the rapidly changing space sector.

The results from both the OOH and digital advertising campaigns have shown the effectiveness of our approach, reaching new audiences beyond the space sector and inspiring them to engage with Copernicus, ECMWF and its climate and atmosphere services.

For example, at the Helsinki Airport, a 15-second Copernicus video, aired across its digital network of 49 screens, reached 13 million people during the campaign period. At the main train station, 390 000 people passed by the main screen airing a widescreen version of the 15-second Copernicus video. An estimated 3 million people took the Helsinki subway during the campaign and had the opportunity to get in contact with the videos across a digital network of 728 screens. In addition, an estimated 2 million people took a tram and was exposed to the videos across a digital network of 391 screens.

From the digital campaigns, on the 7th, 9th to 13th of December the CNN International website displayed exclusively the ECMWF campaign, thus 100% share of voice (SOV). Throughout the remaining dates in December, when ad display was shared the SOV was 18%. The pre-roll video was seen in full by 189 037 people, meaning 82% of the 231 175 individuals who started watching it. Note the pre-roll video was displayed only during the 100% SOV period. For Euronews, the Climate Now section received 293 315 impressions while the Allweather section had over 391 043 impressions (1 week per month 100% share of voice).

The results we achieved far surpassed what our customer had expected.

What do you make of our campaign outputs? Are you looking for a way to reach new audiences? Get in touch.

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