Schlau mal! It’s not rocket science.

The moderator Flo explains how the world works.

How do astronauts live on the International Space Station ISS? What happens when a rocket launches? And how do astronauts prepare their food in space? All these questions are answered in the popular German TV show “Schlau mal!”, where the moderator Flo explains the world to young audiences through exciting experiments.

The German TV landscape has received another entertaining science magazine geared towards young audiences. This new TV show called “Schlau mal – Wissen wie’s geht” (engl. translation: Look here –  Know how it works) is developed by the Cologne based production company Chilihaus-TV.
At the beginning of July we received their enquiry for suitable ESA space footage. After thorough research by our on-site contractor Iulia Iorga we found a number of tapes containing suitable material. We were then asked to encode and deliver selected sequences in broadcast quality. We are excited to see the resulting programme.
Programme dates:
Super RTL
Saturday, 27th August @ 08:25 am
Sunday, 28th August @ 08:25 am
Additional information can be found by accessing the web site Toggo (German only). Access the menu “Fernsehen” and click on the programme “Schlau mal!”.

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