Showcasing the success of the first PhiWeek Bootcamp

The winning team of the PhiWeek Bootcamp "Amigrow". Credit: ESA/Design & Data GmbH

Following the great success of the PhiWeek Bootcamp, we are pleased to showcase the highlights of the event through a new video and a summary report. 38 participants from over 10 countries showed the high international resonance. For many participants, this cultural diversity contributed to the success of the event and to the development of innovative and groundbreaking business ideas.

In the framework of ESA’s PhiWeek, the Bootcamp was realised as an intensive 3-day event where aspiring entrepreneurs could create solutions towards a sustainable future and build a startup business. The event is structured around design thinking as a creative means to formulate ideas between space and non-space industries. The first event brought together specialists in earth observation, food and energy.

The participants were encouraged to brainstorm potential crossover ideas between the sectors before pitching them and working on the top ideas throughout the rest of the event. They had access to a range of mentors and resources to support them in areas such as business development, finance, design, policy and strategic communication. This enabled a truly creative environment for the teams to develop their ideas. The final solutions were presented at the end of the event where the first, second and third ranked teams were awarded with prizes that will help them advance their presented business concepts.

As reflected in the video and report, we were overwhelmed with a lot of positive feedback on the event.

One of the mentors commented: “It was exhilarating to spend three days with a group of young technologist and future space scientists exploring the new business that could be created making use of EO data. Although this was at the embryonic stages, it was refreshing to see new ideas that could revolutionise access and approach to how we address some of the global challenges. I look forward to keeping tab on the growth and expansions of some of these ideas toward becoming real businesses. This was a different bootcamp from some that I had attended before as I left feeling that there was real opportunities to revolutionise and have real impact on the world.”

Download the report here.

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