Through our creative spirit, Design & Data is always keen to take on new challenges to become thought leaders for the space and science industry. We have prepared a showreel, which highlights some of our more interesting work over the last two years – from documentary series to event organisation, 3D animations and immersive video.

Design & Data is well placed to support the growing space sector and emerging startup scene. Here we demonstrate how we can think outside of the box and bring to life a concept into all forms of media.

Through the documentary series for LSG Sky Chefs we illustrate how it is taking its airline catering and in-flight services to a whole new level. We tie in as much to the different senses and emotions around the topic of space food. Similarly we capture first-hand accounts of the mission and reflect the legacy of the Herschel mission in a documentary series for ESA.

We have also broadened our offering into fiction as we produced a fictional short film for ESA about the possible future of defence against dangers from space. A group of scientists quickly try to find out if a near-Earth object will strike or miss the Earth.

In addition, we worked with Copernicus ECMWF in the organisation of the European State of the Climate event and to develop a number of media-related materials to communicate the impact and benefits for service users and European citizens. Similarly we organised the PhiWeek Bootcamp for ESA, realising the full concept to bring a range of mentors, speakers and judges to the event in a 3-day intensive programme. We received positive feedback on how we enabled a truly creative environment for the teams to develop their ideas between the space, food and energy sectors. Finally we supported the promotion of the World Satellite Business Week, which was used to attract key influencers ahead of the unique executive meeting for use on the event’s website and social media.

We are very well experienced in onsite filming and have produced recruitment videos for both EUMETSAT and ESAC as they look to hire the next generation of scientists and engineers. We have also livestreamed a number of key events including the launch and landing of Alexander Gerst. Since the great success of the Rosetta cartoons, we have been commissioned by ESA to animate the BepiColombo mission and have worked to develop the characters “Bepi”, “MMO” and “MTM”. We have also taken the Rosetta cartoons to a new level through immersive video as we prepared the series for use in planetarium shows.

Beyond 2D animations, have taken computer-based models and satellite orbits to produce 3D animations for TESAT SpaceCom to portray the pioneering and innovative ways they are providing a new data network in space, based on laser communication. Likewise we took real data from ECMWF to produce 3D animations to highlight the changes to the ozone hole and effects of climate change.

Finally we have been experimenting with infographics through our spin-off website and resource Spaceoneers, which focuses on new space and space startups in Europe. We have produced a series of infographics including 2019 space predictions and illustrated satellites in numbers.

We present our Showreel 2019 below. We look back the last two years and are happy that we could support our customers in their endeavours. Here’s to another fantastic year serving the space and science industries!

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