Solve a big industry challenge at the PhiWeek Bootcamp!

Credit: Design & Data GmbH/ESA

Do you think you have what it takes to solve a big industry challenge using earth observation data? Apply now to join an intensive 5-day action-packed design sprint to prototype a solution, test it on real users and present to a jury. 

From 6 – 10 September 2019, the European Space Agency (ESA) invites you to the PhiWeek Bootcamp in Rome, Italy. Organised by Design & Data GmbH, the goal is for 40 pre-selected participants from around the world to work in teams to respond to a specific industry challenge.

The event is designed in a workshop-style format, designed to be hands-on and interactive with different resources available to the participants, as well as real-life users with whom you can test the prototypes before presenting on the final day.

At the PhiWeek Bootcamp we will use the 5-day design sprint process as a framework to design, prototype, and test ideas in order to solve a big challenge set by our partner using earth observation technologies and data. The proposed solutions to the industry challenge will be tested with a set of users and then presented to a jury that awards prizes to the best prototype, which has the potential to be commercialised.

Are you ready to join the programme? Be one of 40 selected participants from around the world and work in teams contributing your ideas and skills.

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