Starsensor product videos

Jena Optronik

We have cooperated on many occasions with the space flight company Jena-Optronik GmbH. The starsensors belong to their highlight products. This product line was already highlighted by us in a video produced in 2011. In this film various experts of Jena-Optronik described the production cycle of a starsensor in great detail. The latest trailer videos showcase the complete range of Jena-Optronik products.

Jena-Optronik is the global market leader in the field of starsensors for space flight applications. A starsensor provides the navigation for the satelitte. It references a star catalogue with 2000 to 5000 stars and can therefore determine the exact position of the satellite. The starsensors are vital for the satellites’s navigation. They are the “eyes of the satellite”. Jena-Optronik explains the production, the testing and the functions of theirs starsensors in the previously produced video.

The starsensors ASTRO 10, ASTRO 15, ASTRO APS and the rendezvous- and docking sensor RVS are presented from every angle in the latest videos. Every important detail is visually highlighted. Jena-Optronik utilizes the videos for the presentation of their products, for example on their webpage.

You can check out one of the videos here under this blog entry. We hope you enjoy it.

Also check out Jena-Optronik’s homepage for more information.

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