In a new video for TESAT-SpaceCom, we portray the pioneering and innovative ways they are providing a new data network in space, based on laser communication. With the aim of mesmerising audiences, we used the latest in visual illustration techniques to deliver a fast-paced and dynamic representation of TESAT’s capabilities.

We are demanding greater connectivity and increased data at our fingertips. The fastest way of transmitting data on the ground is through optical fibres but there are still lots of areas not covered by terrestrial infrastructure. TESAT is offering a new network in space based on laser communication, which ensures greater connectivity and speed worldwide.

Design & Data GmbH were commissioned to produce a video for its 10-year laser link anniversary and its milestone of 10,000 laser links between satellites using its Laser Communication Terminals (LCT). In the very early stages of the project, TESAT made clear to us that they were keen on transporting a powerful “wow effect”. Our main goal was to create speed and a cinematic impression with the help of computer-based models of satellites. The challenge was to merge this effect into a more abstract visualisation of wireframe animations.

Within the short timeframe it was also crucial to create videos that were represented as accurately as possible. We sought to portray the novel and diverse capabilities TESAT’s LCTs offer from orbit. We had to research many questions that the initial process raised and make sure that the orbits and functionality of the satellites were correct. Afterwards we created an accurate storyboard we produced rough versions of the animations from computer-based models, which we used as a basis to create the music design and voice over.

The resulting video we produced is captivating, dynamic and accurately portrays the capabilities of TESAT’s LCTs for its data relay services. We are sure this video will help contribute to TESAT’s growing profile as a pioneer in space-based laser communication.

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