As 2019 draws to a close and the festivities begin, our offices will close from 23rd December 2019 until 6th January 2020. We take this opportunity to wish our network of customers, suppliers and partners, a very happy and smooth entry into the new year 2020. We use this time also to reflect on our activities over the past year, demonstrating the wide range of services we offer across the many projects we have worked on.

2019 began with the opening of our Spaceoneers shop, which includes a variety of t-shirts and our Little Spaceoneers comic series, which was released in print. We launched the Twitter competition #IAmASpacePioneer where people could share how they are pioneering space.

We worked throughout the year with ESA to develop a long-term communications programme for the announcement and promotion of the ESA knowledge-seeking and knowledge-sharing culture to all ESA staff members. We recently concluded the project with a wide range of deliverables that helped ESA promote knowledge management internally.

We also created a fully-fledged web TV format on behalf of Euroconsult for the World Satellite Business Week. This can be replicated for other events to provide a real-time insight into what is going on at the event including daily summaries of the event, which can be posted on social media. This adds value to the event, in particular for those not able to attend. An organiser can use the videos to promote their event indirectly and to increase signups for the coming years.

We were excited to bring to production our first full feature full-dome movie. Our illustrations for the ESA cartoon series “The Adventures of Rosetta & Philae” can now be watched in planetaria around the world. Specially prepared for 360-degree projections, the production will subsequently be distributed worldwide by Design & Data.

In a similar vein to the Rosetta cartoons we used fictional storytelling as a tool to captivate new audiences in a short documentary-style film to demonstrate the reasons why action needs to be taken to defend against dangers from space. The video included actors to create a realistic scenario of a possible impact by a near-Earth object. The video was used at the ESA Ministerial Space19+ to build a strong case for the ministers to take decisions towards supporting a protective system that safeguards Earth from asteroids.

We continued with ECMWF on a number of animation projects including an explainer video on reanalysis. We also created a video to highlight ECMWF’s upgraded forecast system (46r1), which improves on current modelling. The video was created to be used by ECMWF in scientific presentations. Similarly for Mercator Océan we created an explainer animation on the Arctic region to demonstrate the action being taken by the Copernicus Marine Service, which they implement on behalf of the EU Commission.

Beyond video production and animations, we organised a special adapted edition of the second PhiWeek Bootcamp, we used the format of a 5-day design sprint as a process to design, prototype, and test ideas. We brought on board energy service producer and provider, EDP group, through its innovation arm, EDP Inovação (EDPI) to join the event as challenge partner. We worked with EDPI to establish a big industry challenge that could utilise earth observation technologies and data. The event was a great success with 40 participants from over 14 countries developing innovative ideas thanks to the support of our partners. The creative format demonstrates the relevance of space for non-space companies and how it can generate new and innovative ideas cross-sector.

Throughout the diverse array of projects we prove we can think outside of the box and bring to life a concept into all forms of media: video productions, websites, animations, motion graphics, livestreaming, social media and events. Our Showreel 2019 highlights some of our more interesting work over the last two years. As we enter 2020 we look forward to even more exciting projects.

Meanwhile we wish you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and great start to the New Year.


— The Design & Data Team

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